A supportive community for teaching resource creators

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Creating teaching resources can be a lonely, thankless task. 

You slave over a new resource, eagerly post it on TpT or TES and sit back as you wait for the downloads and reviews. 

But all you get back is a stony silence as your hard work is overlooked. Or worse, you receive a nasty review which breaks your heart and leaves you wondering if it’s worth it.

Never fear, the Teaching Resource Creators (TRC) is a friendly community who knows exactly how you feel.  Many of us have been there, made mistakes and learnt the hard way… but we did learn (and continue to learn) and we're here to help you.

You don’t need to feel alone. We’re in this together, sharing tips, giving feedback and helping you get the support you need to power-up your store.

If you share your resources through TpT, TES or your own website we can help. 

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