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Create Your Standout Brand 

Do you want to create an irresistible brand for your teaching resources that outshines your competition?


Get your resources found


Increase your income


Become seen as a respected expert that teachers return to time and time again

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Want to Know How Branding Can Help You Get Found?

Did you know that the standard colour pallet shown on most applications displays between 76 and 128 colours?  However, most computers allow you to work with more than 16 MILLION different colours.

Over 95% of all the resource covers shown on TpT use the same boring standard colour pallet!

If you are using the same colour pallet as everybody else, your resources can’t help but fail to stand out as they are camouflaged among the rest.

What Can You Do About It?

Branding is so much more than just selecting the first colours you see and sticking religiously to them.  You want your brand to represent your values and personality to build trust with your customers. 


But there is much more to branding than simply picking the right colours.  You need to:


  • identify your company values and personality

  • create a colour scheme that you can use consistently across multiple applications

  • create a store name that will make you recognisable

  • design a recognisable and appealing logo

  • pick the right fonts and language to reflect your brand identity

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What Will You Learn?

I’ll walk you through the steps required to create a standout brand. After 5 days you’ll have the tools to build an unrivalled and recognisable identity that is uniquely your own and which accurately represents your values. This will build trust with your customers and help your resources be seen among the mass of other resources on TpT or TES.

Each day you will watch a video, perform a short activity (that will take no more than a 15 minutes) and post your results Facebook group to get feedback from fellow teacherpreneurs.


Every evening I will be running a live Q&A in the Facebook group to answer any questions you may have.


It really couldn’t be easier.

This challenge is totally free of charge so what have you got to lose?  And you have so much you could gain.

The challenge will take place between Monday 29th March 2020 and Friday 2nd April 2020.

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What Do Others Say?

Here’s what others have said who have taken part in my previous 5-day challenges.

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When Is It?

We’ll be running the challenge between Monday 29th March and Friday 2nd April.


Don’t miss out on your chance to create your standout brand.

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Join our Facebook group if you want to take part