How do I create task cards for TpT?

Ever wondered how teacherpreneurs make those great looking task cards for TpT? In this video I show you the process I follow when creating task cards.

So grab a coffee and watch as I walk you through from the beginning to the finished product. If you don’t want to sit through the video you can skip down to the steps below. But honestly, I’m not sure they’ll make much sense unless you watch the video first and I wrote them as more of a checklist to help you after watching the video.

Steps to create your own task cards for TpT

Create your task cards in PowerPoint, it so much easier than doing them in Word.

Set up the page size by selecting Design and then Slide Size and Customer Slide Size. Task cards sell better on TpT than TES so create them as Letter size. Make sure it is landscape and not portrait for task cards.

Use the Slide Master to create two backgrounds, 1 in colour and then another in black and white.

Use Ctrl + D to duplicate objects, who has time for Ctrl + C and the Ctrl + V?

You can change the colour images to the black and white versions by selecting Picture Format and then Change Picture and that way you’ll not have to re-size them.

Change picture

Create all your colour task slides first (I usually aim to have 40 task cards which is 10 slides). I also include a blank slide containing 4 blank task cards so teachers have the option of creating their own task cards if they wish.

Once you have all your coloured slides created, highlight them all and duplicate them (don’t forget about that handy Ctrl + D) and then change the layout to black and white and change the images to black and white.

Include a title page stating the title of the product and identifying you as the creator.

Include a welcome page that explains what the product is about, what is includes, how to use it and how to prepare the task cards.

Include a terms of use page that also includes the credits for the products.

You can download a free version of my task cards from here that will help you with inspiration.

Don’t include the clickable links at this stage and leave a blank empty space for them that you’ll copy in later.

Once you have checked and double checked for errors then save the presentation as “[topic name] editable”.

Save it again as PNG files with the name “[topic name] background”.

Click the link to save All slides.

Start a new PowerPoint presentation. Select Insert and then Photo Album. Click on File/Disk. Select all the images and then click on Create.

This is now a flattened file. So now you need to add the clickable links for the credits and you may as well promote a couple of your own products too. Save it as “[topicname]TaskCards”. Try to avoid spaces in the name from this point.

Now we are ready to save it as a PDF. I recommend Adobe Acrobat PRO DC. It does have a monthly charge but does allow you to really secure your PDF files. You can find out more about Adobe Acrobat Pro from here . If you don’t want to use Acrobat you can still save it as a PDF document.

If you are saving using Adobe Acrobat you can go into the Properties (from the File menu) and set up your title, user name and the copyright notice.

The copyright notice I use is as follows: “This resource was created by Nichola Lacey for Nichola Wilkin Ltd, all rights reserved. It may be used by the original purchaser only. Teachers may distribute the product to their own assigned students as a printout or via email, through TpT Easel, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or over the internet as long as the site is password protected so the resource cannot be publicly found or accessed by anyone except the assigned students. You may not reproduce, transmit or distribute the resources to other schools, legal entities, individuals or teachers. You may not use any part of this resource in your own original work or publish, distribute, display or pass it off as your own work. © Nichola Wilkin Ltd 2021”

You can then set up security.

You can select your setting but the settings I recommend for task cards are as follows:

Securing PDF files

And that’s it. Your task cards are now ready to be uploaded to TpT. Don’t forget to create some preview images, a cover image and a great description and you are all set.

It may look very difficult and a little overwhelming at first but once you have done it a couple of times it does get a lot easier. You’ll find the bits that can be copied and used elsewhere and that saves you loads of time.

Don't forget to download a free version of my task cards from here to see what I include.

If you would like training on setting up your teacher seller business, have a look at our free and paid for courses here.

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