How to price your brilliant teaching resources so teachers want to buy them?

Pricing your teaching resources is a difficult area to understand when you first start selling on TpT or TES.

1. Do you keep the price low and hope to undercut the competition?

2. Do you price the price high at what you think it is worth?

3. Did it take you ages to create the resource?

4. Does it matter how long it took you to create the resource?

5. How do you really assess the value of the product?

There are so many things you can question, you may end up going around in circles and becoming more confused than when you started.

But don’t worry, I’ve created a no-nonsense guide which can help you.

It is full of practical advice that helps you uncover the best pricing strategy for your teacher seller journey.

Just ask John…

Social Proof from a happy teacherpreneur

And here it is....

Click the link below to download your free copy of my pricing guide now.

Pricing Your Resources
Download PDF • 143KB

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