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Simple, Practical Advice To Help You Start Selling On TpT And TES

Grab your free copy of this 23-page guide that contains tons of tips and tricks you’ll wish you’d known sooner.


Are you fed up with intimidating advice that over complicates things? 

Okay, I'm going to say it...

You don’t need email lists, blogs, a flashy website or any of the other rubbish that some teaching resource sellers will tell you is essential.  Sure, there’s a time and place for that - but only when you’re ready.


What most new TpT and TES sellers need is a no-nonsense guide to the essentials.

A frank, honest, no-frills handbook, that walks you through the “must haves”. Rather than an airy-fairy complex business plan and social media marketing strategy that can put off a burgeoning new talent.

Help from an experianced seller

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I’m Nicky and I started creating and selling teaching resources in 2012. 


Since then, I’ve had well over 1,000,000 downloads of my computer science resources and I’m proud to have helped students and teachers all over the world.

What will you get?

This free guide is chock full of practical advice you can easily implement today:


An easy checklist to make sure your products are great quality that will keep teachers coming back for more


A guide to writing tempting titles that will not only entice teachers to click on your resources but will help your resources get found by the right people


Tips and tricks for writing powerful product descriptions that will make your resources irresistible and shine brighter than your competition


Examples and practical advice for creating compelling covers that teachers can’t resist clicking on


An explanation of what should be included in your previews, a frequently overlooked area but one that helps build trust in your resources


A guide to how you can price your resources, which is often the hardest part a new resource creator has to grapple with

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