Do You Want to Uncover the Solution to Teacherpreneur Seller Success?

You can become a recognised and respected resource creator that teachers return to time and time again WITHOUT spending a fortune on advertising or having to master complicated technical skills.

Does this sound familiar?

Creating teaching resources can be a lonely, thankless task. 

​You slave over a new resource, eagerly post it on TpT or TES and sit back as you wait for the downloads and reviews. 

​But all you get back is a stony silence as your hard work is overlooked. Or worse you receive a nasty review which breaks your heart and leaves you wondering if it’s worth it.

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Help is at hand...

The Teaching Resource Creators (TRC) is a fabulous community of friendly teaching resource creators who know exactly how you feel. 

We have been there, made mistakes and learnt the hard way… but we did learn (and continue to learn) and we're here to help you.

​You don’t need to feel alone. We’re in this together, sharing practical and easy to implement tips, giving feedback and helping you get the support you need to power-up your store.

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Join our Teaching Resource Creators membership site today:

  • To get practical advice from an experience seller that you can easily implement yourself.

  • Learn the skills at your own pace to fit around your other commitments without feeling overwhelmed

  • Share your progress and ideas with others who really understand what you are experiencing


You know how some teacherpreneur trainers only want to sell you as many of their individual training courses as possible, which can soon mount up and leave you more confused than ever. Well here’s what we do differently...

Roadmap to Seller Success

We are not interested in selling you individual courses that look into only one aspect at a time we want you to have a coherent experience that includes our “Roadmap to Seller Success” framework:

  • Step 1 - Starting out on the right foot.  A brilliant starting point even for experience sellers where we look at a different way to think about resource creation and branding that will really resonate with your customers.

  • Step 2 - Creating brilliant resources. Creating teacher-centric resources that are of such a quality that teachers will be raving about them to others - doing your advertising for you!

  • Step 3 - Social media and marking. Tips you can use to spread the word in way that brings customers to your store who are ready to buy your resources without you having to attempt the "hard sell" - urghh, none of us likes being a pushy salesperson.


Not only that, you will also have access to our community forum where you can discuss your ideas with likeminded individuals and you will be able to download from our library of documents containing helpful tips and tricks.

Let me tell you a bit about myself

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I'm the founder and director of Nichola Wilkin Ltd, although I've since got married so on social media I'm Nichola Lacey.

​I started off by selling teaching resources only through my website and built that up until TES asked me to start selling on their site. I was reluctant at first but now am so pleased I did.

Since then, I have become one of the most popular authors on TES with well over 1 million downloads and was honoured when they asked me to be the opening speaker at their first two Authors Train Authors workshops and also their first co-presenter on their Authors Train Authors webinar.

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How much does it cost to join?

The normal monthly membership is just £14 per month



You can join the Teaching Resource Creators membership site and enjoy all the member benefits including the Roadmap to Seller Success training courses for just free for 14 days.

Here’s how to activate your free 14 day trial

You’ll have immediate access to Teaching Resource Creators membership site and be ablet o access all areas of the website for the next 14 days.


Then after 14 days, and only if you are happy with being a member, we will automatically charge you just £14 per month.

You can cancel at any time.

Here’s the best part, at any time during the 14 day free trial you don’t think the Teaching Resource Creator membership website is right for you then you can cancel and you will never be charged again.

As a member, if you wish to cancel in the future then you can cancel at any time and your membership payment will be stopped immediately.  You can cancel your membership by emailing me at

To activate your trail and start on your roadmap to seller success click the button below.